On information and ignorance

“I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance”, Reuben Blades said.

Let me briefly comment on two words: “informed” and “ignorance”.

“Informed” evokes to me the notion of something that has been shaped so much over and over by the others that has lost its original configuration and, even worse, the ability to adapt to change. It has forgotten both things: who I am and who I can become. It has been given so many forms that it cannot adopt one anymore. It resists to everything, even its current state. All its energy is used against itself. By putting so much emphasis in formation we often forget the other side of the coin: identification. The content is obsessed with its context. In the process, our adaptation potential crystalizes and we are as rigid and fragile as a glass. No longer can we accommodate for evolving environments. All that is left is a poor empty vessel filled with the same inanimate substance.

“Ignorance” to me does not mean not knowing as much as not wanting to know. Lack of interest is much more self-destructive than lack of information. Meditate on the difference between these statements: (a) I just know I do not know, or (ii) I just know I do not want to know. The ignorant can also become so by excess instead of defect: by knowing so much that there is no room to operate. Like a superhero that has so much muscle that his own weight smashes his body into the ground. Imagine an education system that everyday asks the kid for the following exercise. Today you have to keep one thing, gain a new one and, very importantly, get rid of an old one. Creation, maintenance and destruction. That is the only way life can go on. That is how Nature is.


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