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[B2] The Luminous Shadow of Materialism [pdf]
Alex Gomez-Marin (2016) In M. Oliveira & S. Pinto (Eds.), Atas do Congresso Internacional Comunicação e Luz (pp. 118-128). Braga: CECS (ISBN 978-989-8600-58-5).

The so often criticized shadow of materialism, when reflected upon with an integral perspective, reveals itself as a hidden potential seeking emergence. However, such a condition for human progress can be grasped provided we are willing to lessen the tension between the two-fold excess of pride and complaint so characteristic of the illusory attachments of enlightenment and romanticism. An appreciation of the power dormant in the dark pool of light of materialism becomes particularly relevant in the context of the current international year of light.


[B1] Coincidentia Oppositorum [pdf]
Sara Anjo and Alex Gomez-Marin (2015) In Madalena Wallenstein (Curadoria), Raizes da Curiosidade — Tempo de Ciencia e Arte (pp. 76-85). Ed. Fundaçao Centro Cultural de Belém (ISBN 978-972-8944-23-0).


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