Sound & Meaning


Glossolalia: a phenomenological approach to the syntax of time when meaning is pruned away [AUDIO]
Alex Gomez-Marin and Sara Anjo. (2015)
Lisbon, Portugal

We performed a durational experience/experiment in order to test how repetition gives rise to difference. If one is able to neglect semantics, pure syntax emerges and its structure and variations become more apparent.

A computational approach to the poetry of Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri: structure, dynamics and meaning [pdf]
Alex Gomez-Marin (2013)
Savitri Bhavan, Auroville, India

This work addresses Sri Aurobindo’s mantric poem, Savitri, with a computational linguistic approach. We build the connectivity matrix between all main word pairs and analyse its structure. Concepts emerge as directions that better explain the variance of the data in the hyperspace of words. When projected to the low dimensional space of concepts, the vector of attention as the reader moves through the text shows a large correlation across sections of the poem, thus acting the future and the past over again. These findings suggest that Savitri’s mathematical structure is a substrate for the author’s main ideas, facilitating the reader’s understanding of the poem’s meaning via its long-range dynamical correlations. Acknowledging an irreducible essence to poetry, future studies on the relationship among words, sounds and ideas may provide invaluable hints of the origin of language and its intimate relationship with the evolution of human consciousness.