The automation of bullshit

{main recipe: adverb + verb + adjective + noun}

proactively empower progressive value

seamlessly synergize extensive channels

intrinsically communicate elastic imperatives

monotonectally maximize real-time resources

synergistically brand premier infomediaries

compellingly facilitate low-risk high-yield manufactured products

uniquely recaptiualize 24/7 catalysts for change

completely coordinate extensive growth strategies

holisticly cultivate multifunctional models

conveniently whiteboard frictionless growth strategies

collaboratively actualize pandemic content

progressively embrace prospective expertise

proactively reintermediate leveraged architectures

rapidiously aggregate magnetic results

appropriately optimize resource-leveling mindshare

dramatically initiate top-line value

progressively grow cloud-ready value

seamlessly scale end-to-end niche markets

monotonectally engage backend data

professionally enable economically sound architectures

distinctively deploy economically sound processes

conveniently fashion turnkey innovation

distinctively drive economically sound outsourcing

objectively maximize interdependent markets

continually harness excellent total linkage

proactively underwhelm impactful markets

collaboratively maximize stand-alone technology

all generated by The Corporate B.S. Generator