Sit in the perfect stillness, concentrated in the stillness of self,
let all desires, emotions, pains, anger, doubt go to the Mother,
let Her take it all and dissolve it in her loving compassion;
then be aware of that perfect stillness, free from everything,
vast and empty like the clear sky, in the vast Mother of all buddhas,
simply be in that perfect awareness of the vastness, the emptiness,
the perfect self awareness.

(This is the liberation from suffering and death)

Then realize the joy that arises in that stillness.
Everything that happens arises in that stillness,
and that stillness remains. Nothing can change it.
Identified with Her, all actions, events, gains, losses,
pains, pleasures, arise and pass away in that joyful stillness.
That is the perfect awareness.

(This is the liberation of life and joy)