“We designate this tendency [towards seeing] by the term curiosity, which characteristically is not confined to seeing, but expresses the tendency towards a peculiar way of letting the world be encountered by us in perception. (…) When curiosity has become free, however, it concerns itself with seeing not in order to understand what is seen (that is, to come into a Being towards it) but just in order to see. It seeks novelty only in order to leap from it anew to another novelty. (…) curiosity is concerned with the constant possibility of distraction. Curiosity has nothing to do with observing entities and marvelling at them. To be amazed to the point of not understanding is something in which it has no interest. Rather it concerns itself with a kind of knowing, but just in order to have known. (…) the character of never dwelling anywhere. Curiosity is everywhere and nowhere. This mode of Being-in-the-world reveals a new kind of Being of everyday Dasein –a kind in which Dasein is constantly uprooting itself.”

Martin Heidegger