Sowing Time

Against all art theories, he believed that it does not matter whether the spectator likes the object presented by the artist. If the artist is really free to create, she is free to create and nothing more should be added. Not a word, not a comma. Of course there are real life contingencies and constraints. That is precisely why we need art and, more importantly, that is precisely why we need the artist amongst us. She helps us transcend the contingency without forcing us to reject it. Her freedom liberates us. Her work never dissipates energy. She should not care whether we liked her documentary or not. Of course she cares, of course she also does not care. That is why she did what she just did. I am afraid that most people didn’t like it and that most people won’t like it. But, what does it mean to like something? As Whitehead said, we crave for novelty, yet we are haunted by terror at the loss of the past. The true artist takes seriously the complain of the physicist when he asks whether art can be more than refined entertainment. She shows him something he could not have suspected: that entertainment can help him transcend. Sowing time –and then sewing it– she creates a space that is truly temporal; she makes of an oxymoron a real fact. It is absolutely magnificent. He is carried away like when watching the tree of life… He could breath for hours suspended on those initial macroscopic shots taken with a microscope. Any colour would feel like home. Everything is home in that documentary. A documentary performing alchemy on itself: a historical factual record that uses personal stories to touch the Impersonal. He forgets he has a body and he borrows the body of the film. He sees and listens to the text, yet he is not really listening or seeing. He is kind of perceiving directly what is going on. Every unfamiliar and unexpected transition from cell to animal, from animal to human, from human to artifactual, every one of those is extremely familiar. Yet, still wonder pervades. Like a kid, but with the awareness of an adult. The voice of his true trip fellows makes him feel at home again. Yet, what they say seems not of this world. This world wants action and confrontation. This world celebrates triviality. This world can only operate within a narrative. Yet, she is able to fit in a narrative a non-narrative process. One more miracle again. Something that unfolds while keeping its essence always there, always present, always sincere, always what it is. She also teaches us about detachment. She had meticulously recorded so many fragments, yet she decides to show none. This is an exercise of liberation. Once liberated, she can proceed and transform. She uses image with a power that exceeds representation. She uses sound knowingly of the secret of the Vedas. Sound is primordial in the Universe. Light and sound, in their complementarity, are both the message and the carrier of the message. She is curious because she takes careful. He guesses that even those who promote the whole show have not realised that yet. People think she did not come today. Again, they err in their superficiality. She was here today, perhaps, more present than ever. More there than she would have been if she had come. She was what we saw and what we heard. We were what she saw and what she heard. The Many and the One, again, dancing. He can only say two things to her now: thank you.