The gift of difference will prove invaluable

“The key word in that initial bullet point is diversity.

An all too familiar misstep that saps the strength and hamstrings the growth of any community — not just the science realm— is to marginalize the value of diversity in planning. What’s equally bad is to deny diversity in participation. Yet that’s what happens time and again when it comes to leveraging a diversity of professional relationships on the job. It can be also happen when it comes to tapping into diverse human resources long after we’ve punched out for the day. The sad truth is that too many of us fail to realize the incredible assets available to us by not maintaining diversity in our personal tool chests. Yes, I’m guilty of it. (…)

Similarity and difference; it’s the nature of the universe. From falling snowflakes to interplanetary star systems, no two are alike. Yet among each group they share close comparison. The same is true when it comes to human beings. One merely has to reach out and dare to create new relationships. Start with those with whom you highly regard, but make the interaction personal and your motives transparent. (…)

Initial attempts will be uncomfortable, but this is normal. Just study history. It was equally the case when the first scientists produced undeniable evidence the Earth wasn’t flat. Then as now, the discomfort will pass. What will be left? New perspectives holding limitless possibilities.

So do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of difference in your relationships. You’ll be better for it, in more ways than one.”

J.R. Reynolds