Dark Pool of Light

“I was interested in deconstructing it, pinning down what science is actually saying about consciousness, not what it says it is saying or thinks it is saying – because it doesn’t know what consciousness is but likes to pretend that it does, especially to itself.

Scientists and most laypeople will tell you informally that they get what the universe is (more or less) and what we are. Everything not presently accounted for is otherwise under wraps; at least they know what it is supposed to be and how it’s eventually going to turn out.

It takes only a moment’s consideration to realise that that is utter bullshit. We don’t know squat about the universe, and our commoditisation of reality is a hoax.

(…) Yet consciousness is outside corporate science, which not only claims but defines the universe that can be claimed by any rival party – and that universe is all and only and forever physical-material (sustancia) down to its cells, molecules, quarks, bosons, etc.

(…) Tehcnology per se is one thing – we can engage in it without enlisting as well in the belief system that generated it – but ideological science requires that we can’t exist as us (chemicals have no “us” in them), so we can’t exist at all.”

Richard Grossinger