Language about the Unspeakable

“People have to come out of the closet and act from their convictions. One of the most disturbing things that can go on is when you go to visit some people and they say we cannot smoke until the children go to bed. This is nuts. This is a house divided against itself. And it can’t possibly stand. If you do not have guts to say you smoke dope, then you should not smoke. I know, it is not easy to come out of the closet, but on the other hand, what is the payback for being a chicken? It is continued repression, continued manipulation. If you do not claim the right to be able to explore your own mind, then all other rights are potentially to be taken from you. I think there are all kinds of stories going around (…), this is a kind of ism. Enough of that! We pay our taxes, and hold down top jobs in advertising, entertainment, science, media, so on so forth. We should have the same respect that is due everybody else in this society. The people who are repressing, they have no agenda, no plan: to keep everybody in a state of semi-anesthesia until the shit hits the fan. That is the only thing they can figure out to do. That is their only plan. Cause they do not know how to feed everybody, how to cure, how to generate enough electricity, etc. They have no answers. All they have are spin doctors and cosmetics and delay and disinformation. So I do not understand the passivity of people on these issues. The world is slipping thru our fingers cause we do not have the courage to stand up and hold it. We are then voting with the dominators, with those processes that will make us extinct. It is not a big deal to throw down an institution, or to hang up a few dominators . Why are we so polite? Why are we so willing to go on with this shell game? It is the whole future of the planet at stake. (…) We commit our acts of civil disobedience in our fine house with our front door locked but we never can seem to reach out to each other sufficiently to create a community that says we have enough. That is how human freedom makes progress: women got the vote when they demanded it; and black men got respect when they demanded it; and gay a place in society when they demanded it! When we insist, the dialogue will begin. So, the responsibility is on us. We can complain as much as we want. Unless we are willing to stand o and be counted..!”

Terence McKenna