Science Time Travel

The Higgs boson has been found! Its existence, now confirmed, helps solving one of the most fundamental mysteries of all times: the origins of mass. My science time travel would have the Mount Sinai as destination, in order to meet Moses as he descended with the Ten Commandments. First, I would share the profound scientific explanation of why stuff is made of matter. We would revisit the genesis creation narrative. Moses, a one-man army receiving laws directly from God, might be positively surprised to realize how scientists can extract knowledge from Nature. Next, I would stress that such an intellectual achievement parallels a technological one: the largest machine ever built, the most precise measurements ever made, and the possibility to observe the smallest confines of the universe at unimaginable scales. Perhaps that would temper his wrath on people adoring golden idols. Crashing tables would give way to hadron collisions. Last, I would substantiate that the discovery of the Higgs represents a collective achievement transcending nations, religions and politics; a paradigm of collaboration, effort and humility. Planting the seed of confidence in the potential of human beings back in the dawn of the ages is, no doubt, a monumental investment. Were these ideals to be held by one of the most respected prophets of three major religious traditions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the evolution of human mind would be expedited. It might only take education and a tiny boson to place us at the edge of the Unknown.