What if?

What if being comfortable means indeed being unable, just in the meantime? What if matter is your only possession for spirit is your grand hidden obsession? Is what makes you strong that which you reckon as wrong? And what gives you life, the complementary opposite of what is right? What if we were all seekers, whereas most forgot that finding is allowed? Some refused to departure. Except a few, nobody ever came back. What if your petty revolutions by a single serious evolution could be swapped? What will you do when updates remain incomplete and upgrades become obsolete? Would you really pretend to bend the spoon without abandoning your old-fashioned cocoon? What if life was already a paradise on earth, at the expense of heaven’s death? To be the best or to discover the rest? To feed the beast or to accept the least? Who speaks when you talk? Who keeps balance when you walk? Who observed that thought that was thrown by who I am not? Bliss seems to be a minor thing nevertheless, when consciousness is a void item at the bottom of the list. A fist with no hand, a mess without rest. Nature’s quest happening within me? First you need, then you want, third you can. Finally, since the very beginning, you are.


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