Do we know nothing until we know everything?

Or is there something we can actually claim we know, a kind of cumulative, partial and thus incorrect understanding about the bits of the whole? As bits, how can they possibly incarnate the whole?

To think about the whole, you must segment it. Chop it or bite it like an apple. For instance, the apple we must not eat from the tree at 2:17 am… Does it sound familiar? But when you make (break!) it to pieces you can swallow, it’s gone. Plus, and even more worrisome, you aim at understanding it all while leaving you aside? Funny the way it is. It is like saying: let me just think about everything and, then, once I got it, I will think about myself. Like asking everyone to walk naked in the street while you wear sandals, a long coat, a hat and sunglasses in order to scrutinize them all. How can I know the world if I do not even know how many bones are there in my body? Know Thyself… Remember?

The fact that I am aware that I exist is, no doubt, the most important fact of my existence.

How anthropocentric and belly-focussed can we be?! The gods’ duty is to watch us. It does not rain because we behaved bad. The planet we live in is at the center of the solar system. Monkeys are more like rolling stones than like humans. A black person is called black, a white person does not need the adjective. The human genome project should show how special we are in terms of base pairs… All matter is unconscious unless that in the human brain from which fantastic properties “emerge”. We suffer, animals only have some minor pain. We are agents with free will. Elephants, of course not. The proof is scientifically clear: we have language, they don’t. Plants are stupid and we simply grow them and control them. Think about coffee, chocolate, rice and weed, for instance. Who controls who? Dolphins may be intelligent, but as a curiosity for water parks. We are here to exploit the planet, not to live in harmony with it in it. How much more do we need until we accept and then reject the endless list of none-sense claims embedded in the collective mind?

Do we know nothing until we know everything? Do I need to pile up stuff until I gradually approach revelation from a dissolving delusive state? Or, am I fooling myself by entertaining me with a task until the sudden illumination occurs? My wife cannot be half-pregnant. Can I be half-wise? Or half-ignorant? Things occur, rather than me causing them… A decision is made (by English speakers), a decision is taken (for Spaniards), a decision is received (by Hebrew people).

Is ignorance a naturally selected trait? Does stupidity make us fitter (notice, not better) for survival in this chaotic world? Is the progeny’s progeny of an automaton man the only thing that counts? Like bacteria in a plate, are we growing until extinction?

Can a man be evil? Can a human being become a saint? Can you be right and wrong at the same time? Would you change your opinion eventually, please!? Why isn’t my belief a fact? Why aren’t the facts just the tip of an assumption iceberg? An implicit hypothesis that, through amnesia, has shrunk and become a thesis.

Is causation really the responsible of the consequence or a mere correlation at the very best? Is time a phenomenon only real in the mental realm? What is truth? How is it different than what is real? Why am I conscious on occasions? Where do I go when I am not? Can before and after be swapped? Can I be here and there? Is me so much different than you, I mean, in essence?

Language is as mysterious, if not more, than mathematics. What lays in a formula lives in the crystal clear aseptic world of the meaningless ideas. What lays in a word is a mythology, an analogy, a reflection of the human enigma, a powerful tool for magic that can serve several masters: it can represent ignorance, it can encode true wisdom, or it can postpone (sometimes forever) that which will never be fully grasped. Schrodinger’s equation is a piece of beauty about the quantum nature of the physical word. Schrodinger’s cat is as confusing and fascinating as degenerate in the sense of the possible interpretations to what the formula really means. It means a lot. At the same time, it means nothing. It just predicts. It dictates the deterministic dynamics of wave function, a kind of slavery regime imposed on that majestic object.

Is it worthy to cluster and put in a bag under a funky name (such as God, Universe, Laws, Science, Logic, I, Death, or Energy) that which we cannot make sense of, at the danger that the dust under the carpet is what actually explains the carpet and everything on top? At the expense of a life-time investigation on the properties of the leaf, you may never know it belongs to the forest.

If I say this statement is false, is it true that it is false, or is it false that it is true? Logic sucks! Like pop-corn, you eat and eat until you are filled but not full. When you are ready to hit me, I shall speak out and whisper in your ear: I am ready to agree with those that do not agree with me. See? I just changed the world with a simple thought. I will love my enemy. I will hate my friend. Twenty-first century large-hadron colliders and two-photon microscopes. Whole-genome sequencing and real-time behavioral tracking. GFPs and CD-ROMs. A large detour to fulfill the circle and come back to where we started, to come back to when and where we had already been. Why? Who? How? What for?

The question is no more and no less than the mechanism to survive in the void. The question is the occupation of those who already have the intuition that there cannot be any answer. Let me add, and for those who found the courage to ask themselves over and over in order to never forget that.

As the Old Tradition asserts: The Universe is Mental, held in the Mind of The All.


3 thoughts on “Do we know nothing until we know everything?

  1. You are More Amazing !!
    there is a shloka in sanksrit:

    om purnam adah purnam idam, purnat purnam udacyate !!
    purnasya purnam adaya, purnam evavasisyate !!

    which means:
    That is Whole and this is Whole, Whole is formed from Whole !!
    If you take out the Whole out of the Whole, the Whole still remains Whole!!

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