Segmentation – the reality of a delusive duality

In the beginning – light and dark only.

God created – two counterparts of the same flesh.

Thy words – eat the apple from this tree, not that.

Sperm and egg get together – life begins.

A single stripe in the embryo soup – development starts.

Organism – organized into organs and organelles.

The mother expels its intimate creation – a baby is born.

Warmth demanded by the crying baby – the uncomfortable split.

A kid shouts “this is mine!” – the ego is growing.

The teacher examines – a letter as a value tag.

Traffic is stopped – the light turns green from red.

Laying on my knees – will you marry me?

Stocks following the market following the stocks – rises and falls.

Rain wets the sunny day – smiles and tears.

Neurons resting – now they spike.

The game starts – my team against yours.

True confusion – facts and fictions dancing.

How (much) – quantity becomes quality’s death.

Occupation procrastination – doing nothing.

The prey needs its predator – cannot exist as is.

I am fired – jobless but still the same.

Professional vocation – work and family.

Libra’s balance – guilt in its innocence.

Callum callosum – the mystery of the left and right brain hemispheres.

Within you without you – the space between us.

My last breath – time to exhale.


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