On women and men

Here I wrote some words to meditate about contraries as complementary and dynamic, rather than dead opposites. Mantra after mantra, what is at the bottom will come up to the surface. Let’s get ready for when it starts happening…

Women or men? I do not think this is a proper question. Actually, I do not think of this as a question at all. The moment you engage in trying to answer it (even to approximate a satisfactory trade-off), you can never get away with it. Your head will eat you own tail. That question is a delusion. If, instead, you take it as an answer, you will realize what question it stems from. Why do we segment it all? Poor dilemmaholic creatures we are. The sin is not eating a fucking apple because a snake induced a woman to convince a man to do it while god was not looking. We are gods. We are snakes. We are men and women simultaneously. And we are our own apple as well. Everything, in everyone, at the same time, and at all times. And with respect to everyone else too. Imagine the following serious invocation to each and every creature: “You are my god, I am your goddess”. In fact, it is even harder to say “I am my own god”. The original fatality is the focus on the Tree of Good and Evil, rather than living the Tree of Life. Was that a real choice of ours? I cannot answer yet. Probably it does not matter. Most likely, I better not even try to. But what it is clear to me is that the only way to solve a dilemma is to be willing dissolve it. Notice that I am not saying to be able to, but to be willing to. In me, as a man, there is a woman. In you, as a woman, there lives a man too. Let us please stop wasting our saliva on the dick versus pussy contest. It would actually be more profitable to spend it literally on them. Do you have the courage it takes to recognize the dragon you have imprisoned inside? I shall not play the dialectic trick again to say that dragon is not me. Integrating the opposites is not destroying them, nor postulating them as the same thing. Equality is a dead equilibrium. Balance is harmony. Harmony is the evolution of inertia and will towards a dynamic equilibrium. Everything is in a state of flux, the ancient philosophers said. Flow and disorder are of different nature. We live times of massive misalignment. The chaos at the surface cannot be reduced with more chaos. As the old tradition teaches us, an excess always comes from a defect. A recognition of the overwhelming, omnipresent and excessive patriarchal mentality is a necessary condition for change towards harmony. Its expression permeates every aspect of our lives: religion, science, economics, politics, linguistics, entertainment, ecology, etc. We fool ourselves by presenting data and then inventing (actually inverting) the causes. We propose solutions that only perpetuate our unawareness of the true cause. We constantly use the word because. It is a soul analgesic. Pain is a sign that has to be listened to, sooner or later. We constantly use the word but. A univocal symptom of our dialectic autoimmune disease. Let’s stop the fire by a lack of oxygen, rather than desperately spilling glasses of water. It is urgent we take it easy. It is important we laugh about ourselves. Destroy what you have created to then experience the sorrow and joy of recreating it. Then keep it for a while until it is time to come back to dust. This is the mystery of the circle, the greatest of all symbols. Together with that incarnated in the perfect triangle.



Yin versus Yang?

Black or white?

Female versus male?

Defect or excess?

Compress or expand?

Nature or nurture?

Art versus science?

Moon or sun?

Earth versus heaven?

Vice versus virtue?

Intuition or reason?

Hearth versus brain?

Accept or impose?

Price and punishment?

Compassion without rigor?

Night versus day?

Silence as sound?

Light without heat?

Accommodate or penetrate?

Intricate versus obvious?

Complex or simple?

Heads or tails?

Yes and no?

The other in myself?

Synthesis or analysis?

Whole in part?

Law or mechanism?

Subjective as objective?

To listen or to talk?

Give and take?

In or out?

Within and without!

Eat and shit?

Sex with love?

Fish or meat?

East versus west?

Skill or strength?

Flexible versus rigid?

Blunt or sharp?

Left or right?

Right or wrong?

To understand or to advice?

Proaction or reaction?

Energy versus force?

Pull or push?

Asleep and awake?

Unconsciously conscious?

Fused or confused?

Solid in fluid?

Under and over?

Adopt and reject?

Guilt versus pride?

Playing or  winning?

Aptitude versus attitude?

Mother and father?

Supply versus demand?

Wave or particle?

Symbolic or diabolic?

Exhale and then inhale!

Figurative and literal?

Collaborate or compete?

Nurse and solider?

Process or goal?

In parallel or in series?

Pink and blue?

Nomad or sedentary?

Improvise or plan?

Family or work?

Less is more?

More is less?

Time and space?

X or Y?


6 thoughts on “On women and men

  1. This inspired me to think about dichotomies.
    Here is a humble extension of your list:

    Insightful dictum or airy bunkum?
    Philosophy or coprosophy?
    Blog rap or full of crap?
    Soul stimulation or mental masturbation?
    Crack or pot?
    Some might be ok but too much makes your brain rot…

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